Pete Allison

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Application Developer

Below is a short list of some of the recent projects that I have undertaken.

Company Demo eCommerce Store

This website was created to demonstrate usage of the eCommerce element of the CMS system that I created. This site is the first site that the front end element is coded in HTML5 rather than HTML4 and shows the flexibility of the eCommerce code for integrating into a customers requirements. The eCommerce store can take payments using SagePay (formerly ProtX), Barclays, HSBC and PayPal. The payment package is extendable so additional payment methods can be easily integrated and will record into a common transaction log.

Demo website front end

Demo website back end (user name and password of 'demo')

Pony Club Annual 2012

In September 2012 I was asked to develop an HTML5 interactive publication for The Pony Club. This involved creating a touch capable framework and creating a senior and junior publication with 54 pages each. Each page had various animation elements, images and popups on in addition to custom Google Analytics goals when pages were turned.

Link to the Pony Club Annual 2012

Townley Equestrian eCommerce

This site is an eCommerce store built using my CMS framework as a backend. Townley uses the CMS to manage a simple blog page.

The Townley Equestrian & County website

Inhouse Systems/Intranet

The past year has seen a major overhaul of the inhouse systems that were in use and allowed me to utilise new technologies to get more out of the systems. In addition to full Active Directory integration, the systems now allows external access to the systems over a SSL connection.

Web Sockets have been implemented alongside Javascript to provide live communication between users and extend the workflow in place. This means that when a sales person makes a sale, that information appears within the correct location within the workflow immediatly, equally when a particular job is completed the sales person gets an update to their screen at the moment it's completed. This has proved a major benefit to external customers who can see what is happening in a truly live environment.

Working Flat Plan demo (company name of 'demo', user name of 'editor' and password of 'demo')

Our inhouse systems are broadly broken into: Intranet and Flat Plan

The intranet provides access to:

  • Sales Booking All sales of adverts for publications are entered into this system which then creates the booking letter.
  • Sales Data All sales data is broken up into various reports that allows forecasting of income. It also communicates with our CRM which allows breakdown of sales per customer.
  • Magazine Subscriptions People who have subscriptions to any of our publications. This provides access to a mass mail merge that generates the address insert and letter for each subscriber.
  • Holiday Chart For employees to book holiday and managers to approve/reject holidays. Managers also record sickness and other abscenses.

The Flat Plan tool is a self contained application in it's own right and can be used on it's own. It allows layout and planning of any kind of publication and each one is completely customisable. Live updates allows multiple people to work on one publication at the same time without any fear that they might work on the same item whilst providing a true representation of the state of the publication within the design lifecycle.

Screenshot of Flatplan tool